Post # 92 Featuring *Remembers*

Featuring Event: Thimble [tp

Featuring: *Remembers* [TP

  • :About the Item:
  • the tin cans are fun, you can click to knock them down
  • Great for letting off some steam or jut having fun with friends
  • The re-rez themselves after a few minutes

:What Monti’s Wearing: (Not Pictured in this picture)

Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice – Head (ToddleeDoo) [tpBody:TD-Baby Girl (ToddleeDoo) {Custom Shape} [tp]

  • Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Chiyomi Mesh Hair – Light Blondes [TP]
  • Eyes: .euphoric ~ Allure Mesh Eyes [MP]
  • Skin: {LPP} Kimberly “TD Alice” Bento Skin *Peach* [MP]
  • Shape: Custom Made by myself that is not for sale
  • [okkbye] Button Nose (OMEGA/TD)   [MP]
  • [okkbye] UnderEye Highlights (OMEGA/TD)  [MP]
  • {Clair de Lune } Petal Lips (Alice Bento)
  • Accessories
    • Paper Damsels – Montana Necklace Rare from a Gacha [tp]
    • EarthStones Eternity Wedding Ring – Platinum(Don’t ask lol) [tp]
    • {WF} Animal Pacis – Koala NO Longer available


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